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Electric Sonic Teeth Whitening Tools

Trendy Fam 330503 Blue Electric Sonic Teeth Whitening Tools

Electric Sonic Teeth Whitening Tools

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This Tooth Calculus Remover has an intelligent high frequency of vibration. It has a 5 gear intensity adjustment feature, which is convenient to use.

Press the boot button to turn on and adjust the key position through the upper and lower adjustment buttons, after then you can start cleaning.

After use, wash the metal head with flowing clean water and wipe the body of the tooth cleanser. The battery of this tool is durable and practical.

  • It has 5 gear options.
  • The voltage value is 3.7 V.
  • The waterproof level is IPX6.
  • The weight of this tool is 210 g.
  • It is made of Alloy and Silicone material.
  • This tool is available in White and Pink color.
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