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3D Galaxy Light Bulb

Trendy Fam 200001067 01 3D Galaxy Light Bulb

3D Galaxy Light Bulb

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Now, you cancreate your very own starry night sky, right inside the room! Find your serenity and bliss just by gazing at the stunning,Galaxy Light Bulb. This amazing bulb seems to hold the entire galaxy within its core.

Be the envy of all your friends with these gorgeous,Galaxy Light Bulbs!They glimmer and shine like a billion stars in the sky!

Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, theGalaxy Light Bulbcastscolorful lights, with3D effects, addingstunningvisual effectsand a relaxing ambiance to your home.

Theseeco-friendly, LEDGalaxy Light Bulbswork withno annoying electronic noisesand theirmagical colorshelp to soothe body and mind and alleviate stress instantly.

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