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TF™️ 5-in-1 Swappable Sunglasses

Trendy Fam 33902 TF™️ 5-in-1 Swappable Sunglasses

TF™️ 5-in-1 Swappable Sunglasses

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"The World's Coolest Sunglasses"


Experience the convenience of 5 styles built into 1 frame! Looking for the perfect pair of glasses to suit any occasion? Each lens offering a unique attribute, giving you a pair of shades for any situation!

Various Style Options –Whether you’re feeling business casual or fun in the sun, you’ll have a lens for every occasion!

Multi-Functional – Each lens is polarized, and blocks reflected light, making them ideal for golfing, fishing, or any other outdoor activities in the sun. Prescribed lenses can also easily be added to the frames.

Our 5-in-1 Swappable Sunglasses block harmful UVA/UVB rays, ensuring no damage comes to your eyes. Not to mention these lenses prevent reflection glares whilst maintaining high scratch resistance!

Lightweight & Portable – These glasses are extremely lightweight and extremely portable. Take them wherever you go!

Great Value – Buying 5 sets of sunglasses would cost hundreds. Now for the price of one you can enjoy 5 unique styles!

Package includes:
✅ 1 x Base Frame
✅ 5 x Magnetic Lenses

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