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Women Makeup Bag

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Beautician storage bags

You don’t need to be a beauty junkie to be concerned with storing your makeup essentials while on the road.

From an efficiency point of view, you’d at least want all of your perfume and lotion bottles safely kept in a spill-resistant bag in your carry-on or checked luggage. Because, let’s face it, the last thing you’d want is to open your suitcase to find out your coconut oil sunscreen exploded all over your clothes.

For those of you heading out of town for a few days, a smaller travel pouch would probably be enough to store your beauty essentials. We picked a few options that would match any style or color preference, including one by Stephanie Johnson that we’re pretty sure you’d want to carry around all the time.

If you need something bigger for a lengthier trip, we’ve got you covered, too. A beauty organizer with separate compartments for your brushes and cosmetics is your best bet. And then, of course, if you are the aforementioned beauty junkie and you must travel with every shade of lipstick you love — even if it happens to be 16 of them — go for a hard-shell carrying case for extra protection.


A height 9cm* long 24cm* wide 18cm*

B height 9cm* long 24cm* wide 20cm*

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